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How to Make a Bond with a New Puppy?

A puppy brings joy to a household along with a lot of excitement. But with this initial excitement comes a great responsibility, which is bonding with your puppy.

While it may seem an easy job you will have to provide extensive care and make your way into the puppy’s heart. Worry not, this guide will help you with that. We’ll cover each aspect of creating a pawsome bond with your puppy.

Understand Their Body Language

First things first, you will have to know what each action of the puppy symbolizes. It will help you understand better what your puppy is actually trying to say. This way the initial months will be like a bliss and you will create some wholesome moments along the way.

For starters, a wagging tail is how dogs express joy. Therefore to become a better puppy parent, you should learn about their body language as much as you can.

Play With Them as Much as You Can

The more you play with your puppy, the stronger your bond will become, it’s as simple as that. But know your puppy’s preferences beforehand and play with them accordingly. You should observe their engagement level by experimenting with different activities and picking the ones they enjoy the most.

A great start would be taking them for a walk for an hour or a half. The best time would be an evening and in a park with a track that’s less crowded.

Create a Complete Puppy-Centric Schedule

When a puppy comes into your life, it requires all the attention in the world and you have to provide them with that. They will have to understand and adapt to your house environment and family.

This schedule includes meal time, playtime, potty breaks, nap times, especially puppy training. It might seem overwhelming at the start but with time, you will see things become easy for both of you. But know that it will require a lot of devotion to get to this point.

Make a Pup Space

Your puppy needs some me time as well and the best way to provide them is with a separate space for them because new faces and smells can be very overwhelming for a young puppy.

In such situations, they will need some alone time away from everyone. But that doesn’t mean that you leave them there for a long time so that they don’t develop separation anxiety.

Set Some Boundaries

Setting boundaries for your puppy is an essential thing to do. If you fail to do this, your puppy will be all over the place, roaming the house and developing some bad behaviors like hanging out on furniture.

While this won’t be a problem for most, it will lead to even worse behaviors that include unwanted chewing and potty accidents. That’s why you need to set some boundaries and stop things from getting this bad. How to do that? You can use baby gates and a playpen to keep them away from certain places.

Introduce Your Puppy to Others

This is an essential part to make sure that your puppy is well aware and understands the environment you are in. If you live with your family, it’s imperative that you keep your family members in the scene as much as you can.

The more they are similar with their faces, the more easy it will be for them to become a family member.

Ending Note

Knowing these methods isn’t enough to form a great bond with your puppy. There’s one important thing that you will have to take in account: becoming the alpha whom your puppy see as the one in charge. Because dogs are the kind of animals that respect the hirarchy and if you fall higher in terms of that, they’ll listen to you, always.

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